Preliminary Check

If your vehicle is not shifting like it used to or you are feeling the transmission slip  then the first step is getting it checked out by a professional. This check allows us to get a feel of the problem, check fluid level and scan the computer for diagnostic trouble codes. Nine times out of 10 there is no further diagnosis required beyond this check. 

Electrical Diagnosis

In most cases a simple part or repair like a solenoid, sensor or possibly a worn through wire can cause one to believe their transmission needs to be replaced. This more than likely is not the case and you do not want to pay for something you may not need. Due to the complexity of modern transmissions there is a great deal of training and education that our technicians go through to be able to confidently work on your vehicle. 

Transmission Inspection

At this point we have established that the transmission has an internal problem that cannot be fixed in the vehicle. A Transmission tare down inspection is exactly how it sounds, we inspect every little piece inside and out to find the point of failure. 


Once we have established the point of failure within the transmission we then need to clean it and prep for assembly. Clean is an understatement when it comes to the inside of a transmission. This is a very meticulous process that is shared between our cleaning machine and our clean parts solvent tank. 

Transmission Assembly

Once the parts are meticulously cleaned and inspected then it is time to build the components and assemble the transmission. Once it is built it goes back in the car.  

Rolling smoothly

Whether we rebuild your transmission or repair a simple transmission problem you can rest assured that we did the repair to the best of our abilities with the best parts available. We do not cut corners on our work.